Drawing Birds with Pastels in Renaissance Style

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Course Description


  • Any soft, thick drawing paper. I recommend brands Fabiano and Archer.

  • An assortment of pastels. I recommend brands Rembrandt, Faber Castell, or Schmincke.


Draw three birds in the Renaissance style, under 5 hours, using soft pastels and pencils. In this course you will learn techniques for creating beautiful, artistic, vibrant drawings of a parrot, an owl, and a rooster, using colored pastels and soft pencils. I start from scratch with each drawing and guide you through the entire process. It will be fun and easy, and your creations can then be framed, or gifted to your friends or family. This course is for anyone, and does not require prior experience with drawing.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to draw, particularly animal lovers and bird lovers.

Expected Outcomes

  1. pastels
  2. drawing
  3. drawing animals
  4. drawing birds
  5. renaissance drawing
  6. renaissance art