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Welcome to Easy Blues Guitar Crash Course.  This complete guitar course will quickly & easily have you playing real blues guitar. We’ll start at the very beginning levels of blues to learn about the chords and structure of major Delta-style blues.  We’ll learn about the rhythm & strumming of the swing (shuffle) feel to make your chords sound authentic.  We’ll learn the basic blues terms that all musicians speak to each other, as well as turnaround riffs and ways to embellish your chords.  We’ll also learn how to properly solo over various major & minor blues progressions & songs so you’ll always feel confident in soloing over the blues in any key, including minor keys!

Any kind of six-string guitar will work well for this course – electric, acoustic, or classical guitar.

Blues guitar is easy to learn and has endless possibilities for chords and soloing – even though most blues is only 3 chords.  I’ll show you how to get the most out of those 3 chords.  We’ll also cover blues theory so you can always be creative when playing blues guitar.

The lessons & concepts in this course are simple and easy to understand. Anyone can learn to do this. Many of these lesson videos have a PDF attachment in the “additional resources” tab. These PDFs are the tabs, chords, and text lessons.  You can download, save, & print these.  Be sure to get all the PDFs.

The sections in this course are:

Blues Guitar Lessons – These are the main lessons for this course.  Here, you’ll find all of the tools you’ll need to understand, play, and jam blues guitar by yourself or with other musicians.

Jam Tracks – This section contains blues backing tracks in various keys with chord charts and solo diagrams on the screen.  The purpose of this section is for you to practice everything that you’ve learned in the Blues Guitar Lessons section.  This is the best part of playing blues guitar – the actual jamming!

I’m glad you’re here – the world needs more blues guitarists.

This will be fun & easy.  Let’s get started.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Play real blues guitar.
  2. Play blues in several keys.
  3. Strum using a swing (shuffle) feel.
  4. Learn popular blues soloing methods.
  5. Play both the major & minor blues.
  6. Blues terminology.
  7. Play along with jam tracks.
  8. Learn turnaround riffs.