Easy Mindfulness through Mudras

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Course Description

Mudras are hand positions used in meditation that redirect the flow of energy (chi) in the body and call over fresh energy from outside. It's great for mindfulness practice because once you start focusing on your hands and listening to energy, you automatically become quiet inside.

You don't have to have a formal meditation practice to get started. You can practice mudras when you are busy and on the run. That's just one of the reasons mudras are such a great addition to your mindfulness toolbox.

Mindfulness is an essential skill for everyone to practice. Scientists have discovered that regular practice reduces stress; benefits health, relationships, focus & productivity, and enhances personal transformation and life fulfillment.

If you know you should practice mindfulness but never seem to get around to it... then this course will be great for you.

I've practiced Qigong and Neigong (Internal and External Energy Practicing) for more than 20 years with my Energy Master, Quantum Chi Master Yang. I've traveled to amazing energy locations throughout China and I've studied how our practice effects both our internal and external environments. I've been a Mindfulness Coach to people from all walks of life, from primary school students to top level executives. What I've found is that mudras are a quick and effective energy practice that accelerates the benefits of mindfulness ...and anyone can do it. That's why I want to share this quick course with you.

Come with me on a transformation journey where you'll learn:

  • How the energy of the mind works
  • 3 Basic Hand Positions for connecting with chi
  • 5 Energy Clearing Moves
  • 16 Essential Mudra Positions
  • How to be Creative with your Practice
  • How to use Mudras to work with Issues and Challenges
  • How to use your Mudra practice to help change the energy of a location
  • You'll also get a bonus practice journal where you can record your course progress and a Weekly Practice guide.

    See you on the inside,
    Warm regards,
    Dr. Margot Duncan (Ph.D)

    Expected Outcomes

    1. A way to turn on mindfulness automatically.
    2. Practices you can do anywhere, anytime - even when you can't practice.
    3. Practices that help release emotional and physical disturbance.
    4. A fast way to access intuition and whole-body healing intelligence.
    5. Practice variations you can use to create your own mudras & sequences.
    6. Advanced practices for working with energy locations.
    7. 16 essential mudras you can call on when you really need them.