Easy Professional Networking: Real people, Real examples!

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Course Description

In this series, we are going to focus on 5 things about networking.

In lesson 1, we will introduce you to where to network and how to initiate a conversation.

In lessons 2 & 3, we will cover how to manage networking conversations and exchange important information.

In lesson 4, we will talk about how to conclude a conversation with a punch and how to follow up.

In lesson 5, we will cover some important etiquettes in networking.

Expected Outcomes

  1. 1. Know what networking is and how to find the right people to network with
  2. 2. Introduce yourself: how to tell an engaging story to start a conversation
  3. 3. How to manage a conversation: research, preparation, and value proposition
  4. 4. How to hold a conversation with confidence with people you don’t know
  5. 5. "Thank you", follow up, and develop a relationship over the long term