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Welcome to easy watercolor paintings; the absolute best beginner course for learning basic fundamentals and developing quality techniques.

This watercolor course is designed to start you at the very beginning and ease our way into a series of easy watercolor projects that will make you grin from ear-to-ear. You will be amazed at your results so make room on the fridge for the new artwork!

Lessons are grouped into three sections; getting started, basic techniques and projects.

Getting started: we will go over materials, affordable brushes, paper quality, color mixing basics, prepping paper, resizing paper and good palette management.

Basic techniques: you will learn the three common mixtures, layering basics, explore brushwork techniques, managing water, working with wet washes and various skills.

Easy painting projects: you will put your skills to the test and complete a series of paintings. Each project is designed to use certain techniques and skills. It’s a great way to bring all the lessons together and create some easy, approachable artwork.

Expected Outcomes

  1. The best affordable brushes
  2. How to manage your palette and avoid wasting dry paint
  3. How to resize paper and retain the rough edge(s)
  4. How to prep paper so that it reduces the buckling when painting
  5. Learn color mixing basics using six primary palette
  6. How to create the four common washes
  7. Learn the three mixtures and how to layer them properly
  8. Learn various brushwork techniques
  9. Learn how water impacts the painting process
  10. Tips on how to work into wet paint
  11. Various techniques such as softening edges, lifting and scraping wet, or dry, paint
  12. How to employ basic techniques to create colorful artwork
  13. How to paint simple landscapes using previously discussed techniques
  14. How to create easy painting that will help build confidence
  15. Learn the essential watercolor skills that you can easily apply to your own subjects