Effective Goal Setting for Writers

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Course Description

Want a clear, relaxed and proven way to reach your writing goals? A way that enables you to easily define what you want, then comes up with numerous ways to help you stay on track to achieving them? If so, this course is for you and shares the techniques I learned and used to reach all my international writing goals.

Over the years I’ve had an amazing time with my writing. It took me three attempts before I managed to pass my final English exam on leaving school, yet I’ve since had countless stories, newspaper columns, articles and books published around the world, hosted regular tv and radio shows on writing, been invited to run numerous workshops, talks and retreats, coached and taught hundreds of writers, plus who knows what else, all whilst raising a young family. Now that might not be what you want to achieve from your writing (or even your life), but I hope it offers an insight into the possibilities available to you with a little forward planning and goal setting.

Believe me, goal setting is not the dry, tedious and boring topic it used to be. That’s why I’m doing this course, to show you how easy and relaxed it can be - if you just know how to go about it. So let me share with you the concepts and techniques I’ve used and the proven, straight-forward steps I took; all of which enabled me to achieve so many unbelievable things with my writing (and yet still have a life and still stay sane).

Expected Outcomes

  1. To clarify your writing goals.
  2. To define what you need to do to achieve your writing goals.
  3. Techniques which will lead to your writing success.