Effective Voice Projection and Vocal Variety

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Course Description

This course will share techniques in voice projection studied by actors. You will discover how and why you sound the way you do and learn exercises to develop greater power and variety safely. You will have a more authoritative tone and vocal variety to gain credibility and engage an audience. There are videos on building strength in your voice; adding vocal colour to gain and hold an audience attention. You will practice exercises for relaxation, breathing and resonance. You will find videos on articulation for clarity and tips for freeing your voice and finding its full potential.

This course is particularly helpful for anyone who gives presentations, teaches or lectures.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn techniques studied by actors to increase the volume of your voice.
  2. You will understand how to preserve your voice and prevent discomfort when speaking for long periods.
  3. You will learn techniques for effective breath control.
  4. You will discover how to speak with an authoritative tone.
  5. You will develop a greater understanding of how you speak and what exercises will help you achieve your aims.
  6. You will learn techniques for adding greater vocal variety and engaging an audience
  7. You will gain more power, authority and influence.