EFT Tapping 5 - Emotional and Spiritual Healing with EFT

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Course Description

"I continue to find the value of these EFT courses. I have completed 1 through 4 and notice a difference in not only how I feel, but how I cope. I agree that daily practice is crucial, not only for clearing blockages and easing emotions, but also for helping others with EFT, as I am a Marriage and Family Therapist. I highly recommend these courses." Laura Reed


"I love the personal sharing and examples! It sure makes me think through the many layers of emotional pain, which can make it so tricky to heal. Now I have a tool that finally gets to the root of the issue. Thank you!" Mara K.D.


Is your life filled with EMOTIONAL PAIN?

Is BETRAYAL making it nearly impossible to move on?

Or perhaps the UGLINESS of the world is so heavy that you're wondering what's the point of it all anyway?

Then EFT can help!

If the following words sound like healing balm to your heart...


...then read on.


No one is immune to emotional pain and it could actually be counter-productive not to feel hurt when we experience things such as loss or betrayal.

In other words, pain can be a great teacher.

All we need to do is quickly recognize the lesson, make changes accordingly and triumphantly move on.

Easier said than done, right?

Yes and no.

There is a difference to being squashed by the betrayals of the world and losing all hope, or having a quick and efficient tool to working through the pain and re-emerging victoriously.

What you will learn in this EFT course is how to quickly navigate through trouble by transmuting and transcending emotional pain.

We do this not by sticking our head in the sand and pretending that the issue doesn't exist, but by looking at the cause, acknowledging the pain and then transmuting it with the help of EFT.


In this course you will participate in the following EFT tapping sessions:

  • Financial worries

  • Divorce

  • Betrayal

  • Loss of a job

  • Loss of pet

  • Loss or change of physical abilities

PRINTABLE PRACTICE EFT SESSIONS (for student to practice)

Additionally you will receive several printable handouts with dozens of starting sentences related to:

  • Various causes of emotional pain

  • Dozens of types of losses

  • Forgiveness and apologies

  • Taking back your power

  • Moving forward


  • TRANSMUTE AND TRANSFORM: Learning how to quickly acknowledge, understand and then transmute emotional pain into precious life lessons helps you refocus to what's really important.

  • HEAL QUICKLY, SAVE TIME: With these tapping sessions you will save time (and heart ache) and become your life's creator, rather than waiting for someone to come rescue you (or worse, reaching for pain numbing medication).

  • SAVE MONEY, MAKE MORE MONEY: Tapping sessions may help reduce (or even eliminate) expensive talk therapy or expensive medication to cloud your emotions. Likewise, when you are not feeling sad or depressed all the time, you can move on to dedicating your time to what truly matters to you in life.


When you gain access to the course material you will receive a special template to creating your own EFT journey while measuring your ongoing EFT success.

You'll be amazed at how quickly you can heal from emotional pain!


I reward hard work and when you complete 100% of the course material you will receive another special bonus to help in your healing process. You will receive a 50-minute guided visualization that will help you in healing emotional pain and reconstructing your DNA with visualization. IMPORTANT: This bonus is free for Udemy students only but in order to protect the meditation from unauthorized download you will need to register off-site to download the mp3 file.


  • Take EFT course No. 1 - Introduction to EFT (pre-requisite).

  • Take EFT course No. 2 - Self Love and Self-Awareness (strongly encouraged).

  • Take EFT course No. 3 - Tapping the Future (strongly encouraged).


  • You will not learn basic EFT meridian points and their corresponding organs. This is covered in EFT course No. 1, which is a pre-requisite to taking this course.

  • You will not learn advanced EFT meridian points and their corresponding organs. This is covered in EFT course No. 2, which is strongly recommended before signing up for this course.

Special Note: Please note that this course is not intended to eliminate or substitute professional diagnosis or treatment. If you are on prescription medication, please work with your doctor to regulate, increase, decrease or eliminate your medication.


"Cha zay does i again. Delivers a great subject matter to help people get through issues that may render them at a stop for years. I wish I had this course 6 years ago, but I know and embrace the life lesson I learned." Donna Jones


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Expected Outcomes

  1. Tap away emotional pain related to DIVORCE.
  2. Tap away emotional pain related to GENERAL LOSS.
  3. Tap away emotional pain related to LOSS OF PHYSICAL ABILITIES.
  4. Tap away emotional pain related to LOSS OF A JOB.
  5. Tap away emotional pain related to BETRAYAL.
  6. Tap away emotional pain related to LOSS OF A PET.
  7. How to use EFT to say SORRY, APOLOGIZE, and ask FORGIVENESS.
  8. How to apply EFT to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER.
  9. How to use EFT to MOVE FORWARD when you feel hopeless.
  10. Get several printable HANDOUTS with dozens of EFT STARTING SENTENCES so you can practice your EFT sessions.