EFT Tapping 6 - Reduce and Manage Physical Pain with EFT

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Course Description

"This is such a healing course. While practising EFT, I felt fluttering in areas of pain. To me this is a sign of something shifting." Karen P.


"I find this format much easier than a long book. Cha-zay is very easy to listen to and I would most definitely recommend her courses. Thank you for the beautiful bonus meditation." Irene Stevenson


What if instead of reaching for pain pills you could help ease your physical discomforts by using EFT?

This course will show you how to use EFT to help each physical aches and pains, and can even help with menopause.

Practice EFT Sessions for:

  • Minor aches and pains such as headaches, backaches, and more.

  • Temporary illnesses, such as flu, cough, operations, and more.

  • Menopause and hormonal changes.

You will also receive several printable handouts with dozens of additional starting sentences to helping you with your specific situation.


  • This is an intermediate EFT course and not for beginners!

  • To fully participate and understand this course, make sure you have taken EFT courses No. 1 and No. 2 before proceeding with this course.


As part of this course and for your continued healing journey you will receive a (free) 50-minute healing meditation, which is too long to upload here on Udemy (audio lectures are not allowed on Udemy). To download the healing meditation, you will receive the link at the end of this course with instructions on how to download your healing meditation (registration is required, the meditation is free to Udemy students).

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*Please note that the EFT practice session for chronic illnesses and life threatening situations are not covered on Udemy.


"I indeed enjoyed listening and learning about additional EFT power. Dr. Cha~zey makes enjoyable to watch her sessions, I highly recommend to sign up!" Elizabeth Gyarmathy



Expected Outcomes

  1. Tap along as we use EFT to tap away minor or major physical aches and pains.
  2. Printable handouts to help you use EFT to tap away physical pain on your own time.
  3. Practice EFT sessions for minor pains, temporary illnesses, menopause, chronic conditions.
  4. By the end of this course you will have an additional tool in your toolbox to helping you cope with physical aches and pains.