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Stephen Brooks is a Chartered Electrical engineer who has worked in the electrical power utility industry for over 30 years as a design engineer, commissioning engineer and construction project manager.

This module has been written to teach non-engineers the basics of electrical power engineering, and will also act as a useful revision tool for electrical graduate engineers or those engineers new to the industry.

The course uses detailed illustrations & simple explanations to convey the topics involved.

Future modules will develop these basic engineering ideas further and use them to show how an electrical power utility system is designed, constructed, tested and operated.

Expected Outcomes

  1. understand the basic principles behind electrical power engineering
  2. know the difference between alternating current and direct current
  3. understand ohms law
  4. know how to use and apply kirchhoffs current law
  5. understand how alternating current works
  6. understand how capacitors work and how they affect the AC & DC systems
  7. understand how inductors works and how they affect the AC & DC systems
  8. know how electricity and magnetism are linked
  9. know how to create a DC motor