Email Ninja - Take Back Control of Your Email Inbox

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Course Description

Email overload is a widespread problem. Do you know there's a simple solution?

Email Ninja by Spacemakers is based on hundreds of hours of one-to-one email management coaching with CEO's, leaders and managers. We know what works so we turned it into an online course.

Email Ninja teaches the habits of email processing, and there's three parts:

  1. Thinking - How to think about your inbox and classify emails consistently.
  2. Organising - How to setup folders so you never miss an action.
  3. The Four Disciplines - To help you get to inbox zero and keep you there.

Here's why we're different from other courses.

1. Short and sweet.

Busy people don't have time to waste. We provide you with just over 1 hour of essential video content, based on years of testing and retesting in the real world. You'll learn everything you need to know to master your inbox... without the faff.

2. Habit based.

Anyone can give you information but it's hard to learn new habits. Email Ninja is deliberately designed around habit formation. It's simple, but not simplistic. Watch a lesson. Practice what you learn. Repeat and build new habits that will last.

3. Professional filmed and animated.

We go above and beyond to provide you with high quality, fun and engaging content. We guarantee that our video quality and content is amongst the best you will find worldwide.

Other course features:

  • 10 Instructional Videos - We value your time, so have included an hour of professionally produced, essential inbox zero videos & screencasts.
  • Practical Content - Watch a lesson. Practice what you learn. Repeat and build new habits
  • Self Paced - Progress at your own rate and return any time
  • Downloadable Handouts - Step-by-step instructions that make change easy
  • Outlook, Gmail & Others - Works for any email program that you might use
  • Fun & Engaging - No death by PowerPoint. Just creative, high quality content

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Expected Outcomes

  1. What is an inbox, what is it's purpose and why does it often get out of control?
  2. Simplify your archive folders for speed
  3. Two simple habits to get your inbox to zero everyday
  4. Two simple habits to reduce email stress and keep on top of actions
  5. Self-commitments to ensure it happens today!