Email Productivity Masterclass - Inbox Zero Forever

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Course Description

Email can be time consuming, stressful, and kill your productivity. The Stack Method™ is a simple process for working through your email faster in batches. No additional software needed.

Once you watch and implement the Stack Method™, you’ll get your inbox to zero, be in control of your email time, be able to process emails faster, and achieve more than you ever imagined!

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to reach inbox zero, and keep it that way - everyday!
  2. Managing email overwhelm. Save time. Lower your stress.
  3. A faster and more organized way to process emails.
  4. A way to be reminded of follow-ups, without the reminder clogging your inbox.
  5. Manage your inbox more efficiently.
  6. How to save over 250 hours a year on email and get back your work-life balance.
  7. How to create brainspace for the things that are really important, outside of your emails.
  8. Speed through emails and never skip a beat.