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This course has been designed by consulting cutting edge research on the novel subjects of emotional design, design thinking and design psychology. This power packed training has the potential to give students a whole new perspective on design. All types of designers (UX, Product, Industrial, Graphic, etc..) and marketing and creative managers who have an inquisitive eye can benefit from this training. The first part of the course starts with the very origins of emotional design and psychology. The second part covers how humans connect to design. The third part practically applies all theories in design, citing cases and solved examples. 

Expected Outcomes

  1. Design Psychology: The roots of design psychology and its practical applications in design.
  2. Emotional Design: How to add an emotional experience to design, how to enhance it using other elements and how to maintain design coherence.
  3. Design Thinking: Understanding and adding an X factor appeal in design. Understanding conscious and unconscious appeal
  4. Jargon: Terminologies of design psychology, major theories, notable cases in history, case studies which enable students to better present their case in the boardroom and offer expert opinions.
  5. Design Evaluation: Evaluation and prediction of the potential of a designs to become a market success.