Employee Retention University

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Course Description

Employee retention and loyalty is the biggest challenge organizations will face in the next decade. Attitudes about staying with an employer have changed radically over the course of the last 15 years and employers have failed to keep up with the trend in order to retain talent. People will stay given the right environments and reasons to do so.

Understanding those factors that build employee loyalty and drive employee retention is critical if an organization wishes to survive…and thrive in the new workplace. In this series, Jeff Kortes shows you the key drives in employee retention and how to go about using them to ensure your organization’s success in employee retention. Topics covered include:

Gathering Retention Intel:

Knowledge is power. Knowing why people are quitting and how to gather that information is essential. Without this knowledge, you are guessing about the reasons for employee turnover. Find out how to get this essential information.


It used to be called orientation, then it was called onboarding but now it’s assimilation. The ability to “absorb” people into the culture of an organization is essential to employee retention. Failure to do so will result in losing people in the early part of their employment.


Visibility is an incredible way to get to know your people, what makes them tick and develop a bond with them. Learn strategies to enhance your visibility so you can get to know your people and proactively prevent employee turnover.


Want to drive people out of your organization? Micromanage them! Learn how micromanaging drives people from an organization and what you can do to ensure that you are not micromanaging.


The ability to shut down the grapevine is a must in order to ensure that fear does not take hold and drive people to look for another job. Learn how to develop a systematic communication process that will improve retention as well as optimize performance of the organization.

Work More than Work:

Learn how the role of work has changed and how it affects employee retention. Building a culture that promotes that work is more than just work is a must in employee retention and how you can make work more than just work.

Role of Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Your EAP is a secret weapon when it comes to retaining people. Few people use their EAP effectively…if they even have one. Those that do, don’t use it as an employee retention strategy. Learn what makes a great EAP in this segment and how to use it to optimize its effectiveness in employee retention.


Learn why growth is so important to millennials as well as how to offer growth to your employees. Growth is not just about promotions…it is much more. Learn how to use growth as a way to keep your best people in this segment.

If you want to take proactive steps to drive employee retention before your organization’s ability to function is impacted and give yourself an edge over your competition, check order this series now.

Note: The Employee Retention University courses are for general instruction and education only. Jeff Kortes Enterprises LLC makes no representation or warranty , express or implied, as to the appropriateness or suitability of a course for your purposes or as to any results or outcomes which may be generated by your use of a course.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Students who enroll in the class will learn the fundamentals that are integral to driving employee retention in their organization as well as practical ideas that can be immediately implemented. Students will find that most of the techniques are either no cost or low cost. The course will offer a systematic approach to retaining employees. Those who take the course will realize that employee retention is simple...really simple. The key is to use this comprehensive approach and start to use the techniques that are outlined. Students will learn key questions to ask employees and how to determine if they have an issue with a particular employee and if they are in danger of leaving. It is a proactive approach to get ahead of employee retention issues or a roadmap to get your employee retention back on track.