End the suffering in your love relationship!

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Course Description

This course teaches you ways to finish the perpetual inner and outer quarrels with your beloved one. If you understand the deeper roots of your emotions, then your actual emotional reactions change by themselves.

It is simple - but not easy. A lot of suffering in a relationship is caused by old wounds. We all try to avoid and to escape them. But when you allow somebody to come closer to your heart – it is inevitable that your old hurts come up. Because they want to be seen and recognized.

You need to distinguish the actual reality from the negative energy of the past. So the art is to separate past and presence. Sure, they will be situations with your beloved where you feel frustrated, angry or hurt. But, if you discover the distinction, you are no more overwhelmed and you can react in an adequate way. As a grown up! You show your boundaries and engage yourself for what you want. You meet the other as a powerful and loving adult – not as a helpless child.

This course contains essential insights of my seminars of the last 25 years. Two basic exercises show you how to realize these insights.

Try and see! The following lessons will give you deep understanding of your relationship and of your own personality. So you will nourish yourself and your love!

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will understand...
  2. ...why frustration is a natural part of growth in a relationship
  3. ...why, sometimes, you react very angry
  4. ...why, sometimes, little incidents cause such a pain
  5. ...why, sometimes, you are afraid oft he separation and feel totally lost
  6. You will find new ways to change these emotions and reactions!