Energetic Uncoupling

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Course Description

A breakup can change you forever. Healing your heart and spirit requires a different set of tools than healing a broken arm. I'll take you through a specific set of exercises that will help you recover your joyful self, call back your spirit, and restore your energy. Let's consider what you've been through, or what you are experiencing right now, and work towards the new you.

Expected Outcomes

  1. To understand and know the type of relationship you were in so you can identify which chakras are out of balance and need healing.
  2. To cut the energetic cords that are still attached to your ex. You may not even realize this is happening.
  3. Specific tools to call back the energy that's being siphoned off by your ex and depleting you perhaps without your knowing.
  4. How to ground and protect yourself so you return to vitality, joy, and move towards your purpose.
  5. How to contain your energy and raise your vibration so you can end the feeling of being in a break up.
  6. To balance your chakras that have been wounded, and as you do--anxiety and depression naturally subside.
  7. How to release hurt, guilt and the energetic "pull" that draws you back to your ex and helps you to feel content within yourself.
  8. You will experience two powerful meditations designed to help so you come through your uncoupling with peace and dignity.