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Engineering Mathematics:

High demand is there for Engineering Mathematics. Students are struggling to learn Engineering Mathematics Course. So, I decided to publish this course.

***Mathematics in my point of view:  “Mathematics/Math:Math is a simply a language. In School grade/Classes,covered Algebra,Trigonometry,Geometry, and Precalculus.In College,covered Algebra 2,College Algebra,Probability,Statistics,Calculus:Calculus 1,Calculus 2,Calculus 3(Multivariable Calculus like Differential Equations,Engineering Mathematics), And University Math topics are Abstract Algebra,Linear Algebra,Discrete Mathematics,Number Theory,Real Analysis,Complex Analysis,Functional Analysis,Matlab. In Test Prep:SAT,Act, GRE,GMAT,LSAT  are with Quantitative Aptitude Section.Application of Math:Engineering,Physics,Science,Computer sciences like in Games development,Programming, Machine learning,Data science”.***

Engineering Mathematics is important to  the students who are pursuing university level courses like Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering. So,Engineering Mathematics is applied in all streams of engineering technology.

I am planning to upload new courses which have high demand here.

Thank you

Expected Outcomes

  1. Concepts to understand Engineering Mathematics
  2. Differential Equations
  3. Newton’s Law of Cooling
  4. First Order Differential Equations
  5. Second Order Differential Equations
  6. How to Solve First Order Differential Equations
  7. How to Solve Second Order Differential Equations
  8. Linear Differential Equations
  9. Laplace transforms