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This is the go-to course if you are interested in learning English Grammar and improving your basic writing skills. You will benefit from the course by understanding the rules of grammar, learning the valuable foundational principles of standard written English, and discovering how to write correctly and effectively. Whether you are a beginner (ESL) or more advanced writer, after watching the videos and doing the quizzes and activities, you will see the difference in your writing (and speaking) and be more confident of success in college, in the workplace, and in life because you have learned the basic writing skills you need today. Filled with clear instruction and examples, the course allows you to test your knowledge and practice what you learn. Gain the skills you need by signing up today!

  • MUST SEE: Have fun playing “Grammar Jeopardy” with Dale’s cat, Romeo (and other fun surprises)!

“As a professor at four colleges and universities in the United States, I’m happy to provide you my experience of 26 years of teaching writing by offering you this course.” Dale, your instructor

After taking this course, students will . . .

  1. Understand the basics of English grammar and writing.

  2. Improve their writing by understanding the rules of grammar and usage.

  3. Master the use of the English language by learning the parts of speech, correct punctuation, and sentence and paragraph structure.

  4. Learn to avoid fragments, run-on sentences, and comma splices.

  5. Master subject-verb agreement.

  6. Be empowered by writing clearly, more effectively, and with confidence and grace.

  7. Learn how to compose a five paragraph essay, which will arm the student with an understanding of how to write lengthier, formal essays.

  8. Develop the command of grammar and language necessary to succeed in higher education or teach effectively in elementary, middle, and/or secondary schools.

  9. Increase the likelihood of job advancement and promotion because of their NEW command of English Grammar and basic writing.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn ALL of the basic English grammar rules in a logical, EASY to understand style.
  2. You will be able to write and speak correctly and confidently.
  3. Get answers to all your English grammar questions from an accomplished writing and communications professor
  4. After watching each video lesson, you will do a quiz or assignment to review and reinforce the knowledge you have gained.
  5. You will learn about the writing process, sentence structure, and paragraph construction.
  6. How to write an effective and basic five paragraph essay.
  7. The course is designed to help YOU become a better writer.