English Level 1,2 &3 Certification

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Course Description

English – Beginner

One of the most spoken and universal languages in the world, having a working knowledge of English can open doors and create opportunities for anyone. The English Beginner level online training course is created to do just that. Starting at the Beginner level will give you the basics you need to begin speaking and understanding English wherever you hear it. English is an evolved language that has changed a lot through the centuries, combining grammar and vocabulary from many other languages. That’s why this Beginner level course is the perfect way to ease yourself into learning. English is one of the most useful languages to have a basic knowledge of. With just a Beginner level understanding of English, you can discover new opportunities in business, a new world through tourism, and plenty of new understanding as you connect with English speakers around the world or at home. Not to mention, English is one of the easiest languages to begin learning. You’ll quickly learn that just a Beginner level course will leave you feeling accomplished and able. Your English skills will be greatly improved upon completion of this Beginner course.

You Will Learn:

  • How to converse in English at a basic level
  • The English alphabet and English sentence structure to kick start your understanding of the language
  • A wide array of English vocabulary
  • A selection of the most used English verbs and how they are conjugated
  • A beginner’s guide to English grammar and how to use it in conversation and writing

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Learn one of the most spoken languages in the world
  • Gain a conversational ability quickly and efficiently
  • Gain a solid foundation as you progress with your English learning
  • Start with the basics of English and gain confidence speaking and understanding the language
  • Open up to new opportunities and new people by learning the world’s universal language

English – Intermediate

English is the universal language that people all over the world are speaking. It’s the primary language in several countries, and a secondary language in even more countries. Not to mention, even without an official status, English is spoken in almost every corner of the planet. It connects people from different backgrounds and makes it possible for people in tourism and business to communicate effectively. English grammar and vocabulary are some of the most extensive and complicated to gain a mastery of. If you know some English but want to become more confident in your skills, this Intermediate course is perfect for you. Intermediate English focuses on honing in the skills you already have and slowly adding more information. Learning a language is no easy feat, but our courses are specially designed to ensure you are learning at a good pace. The Intermediate level course ensures you are becoming confident in your English skills and learning useful phrases and sentences to help you in real life and on paper- no matter where you’re planning on using it.

You Will Learn:

  • Several new vocabulary words and refreshers on words you already know
  • Common questions and answers in conversational English
  • Several English verb tenses along with the usual conjugations
  • Types of words in English and helpful tips for identifying and using them
  • Numbers and counting in English

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Improve your English skills with a refresher on basic English and conversational skills
  • Learn different ways of speaking and writing English while widening your vocabulary
  • Dive into English grammar in a more intensive manner
  • Perfect for people who have already learned some English but need to improve or extend their skills
  • Leave this course with a ready command of the language and the confidence to speak and write in English

English – Advanced

If you’ve already completed Beginner and Intermediate English, or you’ve had English instruction elsewhere- the Advanced course is the right fit for you. This course is aimed at people who have already been introduced to the language, but who have some room for improvement and want to become English experts. The Advanced course dives deeper into the specificities of English grammar, some of the more complicated verb tenses, as well as the different types of English spoken around the world. Upon completion of this Advanced level course, you will be able to speak English with a new level of fluency and ease. The course adds to your vocabulary and also offers you some colloquial expressions and idioms that are common in English. You will also learn more about English words, sentence formation, and verb tenses. Not only will you focus on the status quo- you will also learn about irregular verbs and irregularities in the language that are important to remember. With modules like Nouns with Adjectives, Simple Past, Time Expressions, and Simple Past – Irregular Verbs, this course leaves learners with a useful array of English language skills.

You Will Learn:

  • How to use and identify each English verb tense
  • How to describe things and people in English
  • How to ask and answer more complex questions in English
  • How to use and identify each type of English word, like verbs, prepositions, adjectives and others
  • Colloquial expressions that will help you while using English in day-to-day life

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Learn about the ins and outs of English grammar and verbs
  • Become confident in your command of the English language
  • Become better at written English and identifying sentences based on their structure
  • Become better at asking and answering questions in English
  • Easily identify the differences between American and British English