eSpanishTeacher's Ultimate Spanish Course Revised for 2020

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This is the most effective Spanish course on Udemy

"I love eSpanishTeacher's Beginner Spanish. Having tried two other well-known courses, I'm now more than half way through Beginner Spanish and am learning much more compared to the others." -Paul S., Texas

Since 2009, eSpanishTeacher has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide learn to speak Spanish quickly and affordably.

Our Spanish courses are built on three core values: We exist to 1) offer the most personalized & effective language instruction, 2) at the most affordable price, and 3) always with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

More than just memorization Many courses will present you with long lists of words and phrases, hoping you'll be satisfied memorizing them. While this may help you learn a few specific words, this strategy is shallow and will lead you down a path of disappointment because memorizing lists of words will never teach you the fundamental structure of the Spanish language. With eSpanishTeacher, you'll participate engaging instruction that teaches key concepts that empower your speaking skills far beyond a few vocabulary words.

Spanish instruction with a human touch There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on robotic & impersonal software programs. Thanks to the eSpanishTeacher system, you can learn Spanish from an actual Spanish teacher when it's convenient for you. You'll develop a foundation in the language that will enable you to communicate effectively in virtually all situations.

Language lessons on your computer Video Spanish lessons, vocal practice, and quizzes accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Watch, listen, and interact with eSpanishTeacher as he helps you understand the most essential language concepts. Speak Spanish in less than an hour This course breaks down the language into it's simplest components so that you can understand completely and quickly. Following each lesson, you'll practice what you have learned by actually speaking out loud in Spanish. Move at your own pace and start speaking in minutes!

  • 16 lessons taught by eSpanishTeacher himself
  • 12 quizzes to test your knowledge
  • 11 speaking practices and much more!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Spanish
  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Expats
  • World Travelers
  • Business owners
  • Medical professionals
  • And more!

Course content

9 sections • 16 lectures • 7h 42m total length
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    7 questions


Spanish Lessons, Quizzes, Comprehension, Speaking Exercises
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My Story

Thanks for taking time to learn a bit more about my Spanish courses on Udemy. My name is Scott, the creator of eSpanishTeacher's Beginner Spanish. I've been speaking Spanish for over 20 years and teaching it for most of that time as well. Years ago while tutoring high school students who were struggling in their Spanish classes, I developed a system for teaching Spanish in a simple way that breaks down the language into its simplest parts, while anticipating and eliminating much of the confusion that new students encounter. It was that early experience that drove me to create this language program, which has helped people all over the world learn to speak Spanish quickly, affordably, and effectively.

Spanish did not come easily for me.

I really had to grind through and force myself to learn the concepts in detail, which is one of the reasons my course is so effective. Because of that, I am able to teach the challenging parts of the Spanish language using clear language that's easy to understand.

Language Learning Landscape

So many of the expensive programs available today are essentially a series of poorly-designed Spanish vocabulary drills with the hope that you'll be happy memorizing long lists of words and short phrases. These programs fail to provide an avenue for the student to master the essential language concepts & core principles that one needs in order to create coherent, effective communication.

eSpanishTeacher Philosophy

Students are benefitted when instructors use simple terms to clearly explain the most difficult concepts, followed by a risk-free environment where those same students practice their skills .

The model we subscribe to is Explain, Demonstrate, Simulate. First, I will EXPLAIN the concept and help you understand why it's important. Next, I'll DEMONSTRATE how & when it's actually used in Spanish. Finally, you'll use what you've learned about the concept to SIMULATE and actually speak in Spanish using the concept. This is followed up with a comprehension exercise to reinforce the language concept.

Whether you are learning Spanish for business, education, your personal life, or traveling abroad to a Spanish speaking country, you need to learn from an actual teacher with a proven track record who is dedicated to your success.

Trust the expert teacher--eSpanishTeacher!