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This course is the ultimate guide for making selections of people in Photoshop an incredibly important but tricky skill to master. Learn to use the tools and techniques the same way a creative professional would so you can do anything from basic selections of  person with one coloured background to very complex selections, with hair, transparent details and difficult backgrounds.

Making selections is part of most Graphic Designers and Photographers day to day workflow and mastering the correct way to do it now will save you a tonne of time and ensure you avoid bad habits later down the line.

This course focuses on selections of people but the same workflows can be used for making selections of objects, animals or anything else.

A closer look at what you will learn:

  • Firstly learn more about Selections and why making them is so crucial in creative work.

  • Then in the following chapter you will learn about the many different tools and techniques you can use to make selections:

    • Lasso Tool

    • Magic Wand

    • Quick Selection Tool

    • Marquee Selection

    • Colour Range

    • Making

    • Pen Tool and Vector Mask

  • Learn about each of these in detail. Each technique has its strengths and weaknesses so you will always be able to choose the right technique for the job your face.

  • Then move into learning how to refine existing selections you have made.

  • In the second chapter you will learn how to make more simple selections, with distinct background and well focused images.

  • Once you know how to make simple selections it’s time to move onto more complex images and techniques. Learn to select hair, transparent details and loads more.

  • Finally discover some more essential design tools including: keyboard shortcuts, resource websites and design terms to know and more.  

This course includes:

  • 21 Videos

  • 3 Hours of learning content

  • 1 Downloadable resource

Who will find it useful:

  • Anyone who wants to use Photoshop in a professional manner.

  • People who are aspiring to become professional Photographers or Retouchers.

  • Creatives looking to master a new essential skill and broaden their knowledge

A basic existing knowledge of Photoshop will be important when taking this course.

Martin is an Adobe Certified Instructor who has years of experience teaching  in both and online in classroom environments. He has also worked professionally in the creative industry for over 10 years on a wide range of projects. The examples and techniques used have been developed over this time to deliver the most efficient and enjoyable approach to teaching and learning.

Take this course to master an essential design skill and make selections the same way as a creative professional.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn how to make professional selections in Photoshop
  2. Get from Zero to Hero in Photoshop selections in less than 3 hours
  3. Learn to make selections the right way from an Adobe Certified Instructor
  4. Put the techniques into use in Graphic Design or Photo Retouch projects