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WAITING for a COVID19 vaccine like most people around the world?


-each vaccine ever produced is associated with the probabilities of success and serious risks,

-the rate of vaccine success chiefly depends upon your immune system response;

-the rate of vaccine serious risks chiefly depends upon your immune system response;

-without an adequate, timely and proper immune system response no vaccine is beneficial;

-it is possible to have a strong enough immune system not requiring a vaccine at all.

START improving your immune system NOW!!!

Do not know WHERE to start?

Here is the course “Essential Step to Better Health: Supporting the Immune System”, specifically designed for you.


(I) ADAPT your immune system to environment including COVID19,

(II) NOURISH your immune system as the first and the last lines of defense against undesirable pathogens including viruses and bacteria,

(III) REJUVENATE vital organs in support of the immune system,

(IV) DETOXIFY to support your immune system.

-Breakthrough insights related to physical and emotional immunity support.

-Explore energy analysis identifying energy blockages along with the strength of energy produced by various body systems and organs.

-Informational Analysis identifying signal distortion in the human body particularly related to immunity.

-Nutritional Analysis highlighting unique challenges in absorption and metabolic processes while identifying sensitivities, malabsorption and intolerance to enhance one’s own immune system.

-Environmental Analysis detecting functional damage by environmental factors to promote better immune system outcomes.

-Emotional Analysis identifies unbalanced energy around core emotions, distortions related to past shocks and traumas as underlying conflicts to avoid compromising your own immune system.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Attendees will be introduced to the essential steps to promote the best immunity response based upon recent scientific research discoveries informing actionable steps to better health today.
  2. The critical elements of the immune system will be discussed in this class and educated choices in functional food nutrition in support of better immune system health.
  3. This class will also explore some elegant, practical and simple ways to achieve immune support excellence based on practices of the ancients supported by modern science.