Essentials : Learn The 9 NLP Keys to an achievable outcome

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Course Description

Welcome to this short course on success.

What we are going to be delving into in this course on achieving your goals, is what we refer to in NLP as the Keys to an achievable outcome.These Keys have come about after extensive research and study into the principals and attitude adopted by people that consistently achieve their goals. When the creators of NLP started modelling successful therapists and other individuals that were known for their ability to hit their goals with apparent ease. They discovered that there are a number of traits disciplines and attitudes that these people adopt in their lives which consistently results in them getting what they set out to achieve. What they did was to highlight the key aspects of these successful peoples approach and codify it into these 9 keys which can be easily learnt and remembered.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Select the right level of detail when writing goals - so that they communicate clearly with their unconscious goal getting machine
  2. Understand the difference between towards and away from Motivation so that they can push ahead without roller-coasting
  3. Take full responsibility for their goals - so that they can enjoy 100% of the benefits of achieving their goals
  4. Set Goals with a compelling message that are motivating and empowering