ETABS from A to Z - V17 2019 - real existing tower example

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Course Description

Learn how to use the world's most popular application for structural design

This application is used to design the world-famous towers and towers such as Burj Khalifa

Learning will be done by a simple example of learning the basics

And then a real advanced example of learning things developed in the application to be able to design any project through the application

We will Use American codes ( ACI - UBC - ASCE )

Expected Outcomes

  1. Structural Engineering
  2. modeling Real existing tower building in Dubai
  3. Import the DXF file for fast modeling
  4. Define material and section
  5. Define load case and load combinations
  6. Use American codes ( ACI - UBC - ASCE )
  7. seismic load ( Static - Dynamic )
  8. Response spectrum
  9. Modify the model after making
  10. Thermal load and wind load
  11. P-Delta
  12. check the model and fix the errors
  13. Check Drift , joint displacement , scale factor , torsional irregularity , soft story , week story , wind displacement
  14. Design Columns , Shear Walls and Cores
  15. Export reactions for CSI Safe v16 to solve foundations
  16. Construction sequence analysis in Etabs
  17. floating columns in transfer beam or slab
  18. building separations / gap calculation from Etabs model
  19. Modeling and design the steel structure