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This course focuses on Ethical Hacking and Network Security in 2019.

Take this course to become a network security pen-tester for companies and for individuals. You should also be able to protect any computer after taking this course.

You should be  able to:

  • setup virtualbox

  • install kali linux

  • install windows 7

  • scan for network vulnerabilities.

  • do footprinting and detect footprinting

  • scan for major and minor attacks.

  • detect major and minor attacks.

  • use your firewall to protect your network.

  • use honeypots and vpn to protect your network.

  • use proxychains and macchanger to also protect your network.

  • learn the best techniques in protecting your network.

After taking this course, you should be able to work in any network security company.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Discover network vulnerabilities.
  2. Scan network vulnerabilities.
  3. Exploit network vulnerabilities.
  4. Learn how to do major and minor attacks.
  5. Demonstrating ability to protect yourself and companies on network attacks.
  6. Learn about VPNs, Macchangers, Tor and Proxychains.
  7. Discover how to protect your network with Firewalls and Honeypots.
  8. Learn the best network scanning techniques.
  9. Use the best tools to do pen-testing.