Excel 2016 Functions Bootcamp With 150+ Examples & 1 Project

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Course Description

"Learn By Doing and Doing and then Doing"

  • The only way to master Excel functions and formulas is to practice A LOT
  • Every chapter includes downloadable homework + answer
  • Every lecture contains numerous practice problems that you and I will solve together
  • All practice problems and homework are organized in downloadable, beautiful and clean layouts
  • At the end, most of what you’ll learn will be tested in a comprehensive project
  • I will explain all the functions, practice problems and the project clearly and step-by-step with no rush.
  • You will have access to really good examples and great datasets to practice on your own and review what you will learn throughout the course
  • The biggest part of Excel is its Functions so master it in only 4.5 hours

“This course is here to help you become the most comfortable person with Excel functions and formulas. At the end, you will have the confidence and ability to combine different functions and create sophisticated formulas to solve complex tasks.”

You will master:

  1. Logical Functions
  2. Text Functions for joining, extracting and data cleaning
  3. Date & Time Functions
  4. Lookup & Reference Functions
  5. Dynamic Formulas
  6. Math & Statistical Functions
  7. Array Formulas
  8. Database Functions for complex criteria
  9. Formula-Based Conditional Formatting
  10. Data Validation Pick Lists and Combo Box
  11. Defined Names
  12. Wildcard Characters

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in mastering the most powerful functions and formuals in Excel.
  • Business and engineering students, as proficiency in Excel is part of almost every job description.
  • Anyone who wants to get very comfortable with the biggest and very important part of Excel, which is its functions and formulas.

Course content

8 sections • 42 lectures • 4h 34m total length