Excel - Creating Dashboards

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Course Description

Get More From Excel – Learn To Use Forms, Lookup Functions, Charts, PivotTables, and Slicers To Turn Data Into Answers

Crunching numbers is what Microsoft Excel does best – but how do you use those numbers to get the answers you need? This course will show you how to use advanced Excel features to turn massive amounts of data into visual, customizable dashboards.

The ability to easily query and display information from your Excel data is a helpful tool for decision making, and this course will demonstrate five advanced Excel features (Forms, Lookup Functions, Charts, PivotTables, and Slicers) which will do just that.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Use range names in formulas
  2. Create nested functions
  3. Work with forms, form controls, and data validation
  4. Use lookup functions
  5. Combine multiple functions
  6. Create, modify, and format charts
  7. Use sparklines, trendlines, and dual-axis charts
  8. Create a PivotTable and analyze PivotTable data
  9. Present data with PivotCharts
  10. Filter data with slicers