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Microsoft Excel is the most important tool from small businesses to large corporates. This course will help you guide to the basic learning of the tool and help you with practical worksheets shared in the course. Even if you have learnt I would suggest to give it a try to revise your learning. Please share your thoughts and feedback for me to improve on further courses.

In this course, we will be learning topics like formulas, formatting, pivot and charts.

  1. Introduction to Excel

  2. Understanding the Excel ribbons and its uses

  3. Boolean Formula

  4. Text Formula

  5. Date Formula

  6. Reference Formula – VLOOKUP

  7. Data tools – removing duplicates and text-to-column

  8. Math and Stats tools

  9. Pivot table

  10. Formatting

  11. Charts

Hope you all enjoy learning excel. Please give me your feedback and suggestions for courses to come.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. Data Visualization in Excel
  3. Everyday use of excel and its important functions