Excel for beginners - Understand why and how to use MS Excel

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Course Description

This course has been created to support students who are new to Microsoft Office products and in this particular case new to Microsoft Excel.

If you are aiming to use your computer to do calculations and deliver reports then this is the right place.

I have been working with Microsoft Excel since 1990. I saw all the big evolution of this amazing tool and so far I consider Excel as the most complete tool to use for any electronic document from a normal preparation of spreadsheet and report to the delivery of a full management document and to the delivery of professional presentations to an audience.

In this course you will learn how to manage the main functionalities of the tool so that you will know where to find what you need and what you can use for your scopes.

You will understand why and how to use Microsoft Excel, how an an Excel file is structured and how to achieve results using tools available in the ribbons, how to use an Excel file, how to input data and content, how to format your spreadsheets and how to calculate your file results using basic formulas and calculations.

In details:

  • how to use the tools
  • how to use/add and delete Worksheets
  • how to customize the background color, font color, borders and font and data format in cells and ranges
  • how to copy and paste content, data and formats
  • how to open, save and print Excel files
  • how to insert, modify, align and format images and objects in Excel worksheets
  • how to insert charts into spreadsheets
  • how to customize the layout of the spreadsheet pages
  • how to use basic formulas (SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MIN, MAX, IF, ...)
  • how to customize the view options of your worksheets

At the end you will be able to generate a report where data from different worksheets are linked together in formulas and the final result is displayed on another summary worksheet. We will also format the data as table and add charts to view the data graphically.

Expected Outcomes

  1. students will be able to create basic reports in Microsoft Excel
  2. students will become familiar with Microsoft Excel
  3. students will be able to do calculations using Excel spreadsheets
  4. students will be able to format their reports in Microsoft Excel