Excel functions to analyze and visualize data

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Course Description

Welcome to our first ever course Excel functions to analyze and visualize data

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Are you wondering how is this course going to be useful to you?

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If you are looking to learn Microsoft Excel basics, this course will teach you exactly that.

Look, Microsoft Excel is ubiquitous. It is used in almost every job we do in today's world.

So your job will also possibly require you to do analysis on large heaps of data.

Our course does exactly that - we make you job ready for your prospective project / daily work.

What makes our course different from others?

Our course content is unique - you learn exactly what you are required to do in your daily work.

You get 1.5 hours of crisp synthesized practical real life illustrations of all concepts.

You will be carrying out the real life illustrations along with the instructor.

Same set up as the instructor. All illustration spreadsheets are shared.

It's almost like as if somebody is guiding you in person to carry out the various analysis.

You are going to love our instructor's teaching style.

He makes it very engaging and fun learning experience.

You will have practice assignments / course challenges with varying difficulty levels to test your learning from the course.

Our support team responds to any course queries within 24 hours of your request.

And of course, the price is competitive.

What will you learn in this course?

An overview of Microsoft Excel functions

(Large) Data Analysis techniques and Data visualization in Excel

This one single course will be comprehensive to cover the basic knowledge of Excel required for day to day work

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All modules with details of lectures are provided.

What next?

Well, we sincerely hope to see you inside the course.

We wish you well and good luck.

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Complete overview of Microsoft Excel interface
  2. Data analysis in Excel
  3. Data visualization in Excel