Excel MIS Analytics (Advance Vlookup Match & IFs ) Series 1

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Course Description

If you thinking of learning Excel - This is the perfect lecture for you. We are starting the excel in this program and covering use of $ signs in formulas and also a complete discussion on most used formula in excel - Vlookup, Match, if functions including nested IFs. You will have assignments also to practice along-with classwork files. Discussion starts from basic level but gradually moving towards extremely advance side. Have a great learning today.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will be learning the use of Dollar sign and how to use Vlookup and Match. Basic intermediate and super advance VLOOKUP is covered with lots of examples
  2. Use of Logical functions like IF Functions , Nested IFs, IF AND, IF OR. From Basic IF to complex IF functions.
  3. How to deal complex situations with vlookup and match combinations or vlookup and IF logics. We are doing many exercises in this live session to make ourselves understand that in real world how things go.
  4. Limitations of Vlookup and solutions. From Basic Vlookup to advance vlookup.
  5. Why and how to use Vlookup and match functions together. Its benefits.
  6. What are static formulas ,dynamic formulas.
  7. Explained Constants and formulas , their role and difference.
  8. Controlling the cells and formula direction using dollar sign and other spreadsheet fundamentals.