Excel MIS Training Advance-Filter, Cond Formatting) Series 4

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  • Study type: Online
  • Starts: Anytime
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Course Description

  • Taking a deep dive into advance filter from basics. From basic level of advance filter to using criteria in it .
  • How to use logic in advance filter using wild characters like * and ?
  • Using formulas to extract complex data points
  • Learning everything about conditional formatting - basic and adavance
  • Assignments are added along-with classwork files to give you live exposure
  • I am here to support you . Write me your doubt and i will give you a solution

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will be able to work around on complex data structures - extracting the required information from it . For eg. How to extract unique values, how to extract items which contains specific criteria , how to extract date ranges data having sales number greater than 100 $ from City A,B,C. You will learn how to make graphs using conditional formatting, How to use great ICONs in Conditional formatting and make your boss droll over you. So much to learn. Come and fall in love with Excel.