Excel Power Query

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Course Description

  • This course covers the basic and advance PowerQuery

  • From installing the PQ to checking the system requirements and Its definition.

  • Covering the PQ ribbon - all features with examples in full detail

  • Why it is called ETL Tool - Extract Transform Load

  • Benefits of Powerquery over normal Excel spread sheets

  • Handling millions and billions rows efficiently

  • How to import data from different sources like txt , csv,folders, databases, excel sheets

  • Every minute detail about PQ ribbon features with the help of examples

  • Group by - Complete tutorial including projects

  • Date functions - Very easy and powerful

  • Text Functions in extracting the values is discussed, no need to build now excel formulas or VBA

  • PQ functions - CSV.Document , Excel.Currentworkbook, excel.workbook are discussed with practical examples

  • Transpose feature, UnPivot Feature - where and how they can be used.

  • Several practical projects for you with solutions - Amazing result driven projects for you

  • What are the different types of JOINS - Left Join, Right, Full, left anti, Right Anti - All are covered

  • How to use IF statements in PQ and how they are beneficial in real time projects

  • How to change the source or location of data, What is refresh and refresh all ,Connection only ,close and close and load to options

  • Several advance level projects with quizzes (solution given in lectures)

  • Online support 24*7 given by me to address your issues

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to use PowerQuery in Cleaning and Transforming the complex , unstructured and tidy data mess.
  2. PowerQuery Ribbon features - Every feature is discussed with examples.
  3. How to work with millions of rows coming from external sources or within excel sheets
  4. You will see several complex projects and quizzes with solution to see the real use of powerquery in your office.
  5. Data cleaning, mining, making it fit for reports - You shall learn in this.