Excel Quick Start Tutorial: 36 Minutes to Learn the Basics

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Course Description

Here's what some students are saying about the course in the Reviews!

"Really concise quick summary and foundation in Excel" - Clare B.

"Instruction was very easy to follow. It was like having a friend show you what to do." - Patrick M.

"Very clear and easy to understand" - Fiona M

"Great introduction to pivot tables and good examples too." - John P.

"Needed this to get ready for a new job, feeling more confident already!" - Daniel H.

"I have been using Excel for years but only in very specific ways. This course gave a good overview of major functions I have never used and didn't know existed. Will be making some accounting pivot charts right away." - Kyrie

The course is just 36 minutes - you can finish it over a lunch break! That’s how long it takes to complete the videos in this course, and come away with a strong understanding of the use of Excel in business. You’ll learn many of the important Excel functions: IF, VLOOKUP, pivot tables and charts, including line charts, column charts and 3D column charts. You’ll learn how to enter and edit data and formulas. How to format text and numbers. How to filter and sort large tables of data and calculate totals.

Only 36 minutes! How is this possible? I work through two business case studies on sales reporting and analysis, showing you how to use Excel to analyze data and answer questions, highlighting each step, and clearly explaining what I’m doing and why. You’ll learn how the functions work, and you’ll learn when, and why, to use them in business analytics. Full disclosure: plan for another 45 minutes or so to work through the case studies yourself. I provide all of the files.

And it’s free! Even though free, it includes all of the features of the standard course: downloadable files, closed captions and quizzes, to help you learn and make it stick.

This course is designed for people who are preparing for an interview. Starting a new office job. Looking to jump-start their career. And even for those people who are thinking about a longer Excel course, but who aren't sure that Excel is right for them.

But let’s make something clear: you won’t be an expert. This course is a starting point, the first step on your journey to learn business analytics. It may be as far as you need to go. Let’s find out! Click the button “TAKE THIS COURSE” and get started.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for absolute beginners, who would like to get the "gist" of Excel, and how it's used to analyze data.
  • Take this course before an interview. Be prepared!
  • Take this course before starting an office job. Before taking an accounting course. Be prepared!
  • This course does NOT provide detailed examples of complex functions - it moves quickly to show the "context". It's to get you started.

Course content

3 sections • 8 lectures • 36m total length

  • What's a QuickStart Course?

  • Getting Started with Entering Data and Formulas
  • Filtering and Sorting Data; Adding Totals
  • Working with Excel Data
    3 questions

  • Sales Reporting and Analysis: An Introduction
  • Preparing Data for Analysis: Advanced Functions: IF, VLOOKUP and table functions
  • Pivot Tables to Summarize Data
  • Displaying the Results with Beautiful Charts
  • Working with Pivot Tables
    3 questions
  • Wrap Up and Next Steps

Featured review

Emerset Farquharson
9 courses
3 reviews
Rating: 5.0 out of 5a year ago
Excellent and calm teacher. I wasn't sure if I was a beginner, as that is a relative term. Learned some excellent filtering and "logical" tips that are generally considered too obvious to mention in more advanced courses. All this without feeling like I was wasting my time. Highly recommended.


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I am a senior business executive, a data scientist, and a former university instructor. And I've been using Excel, and tools like it, for more than 30 years!

In addition to my current role as VP Information Business Services, I've been a global project manager for the deployment of very large IT systems, a senior statistician/data scientist, a university instructor and a corporate trainer.

I bring a unique perspective to Excel and business analytics. I know how Excel is used in business, and I know what hiring managers are looking for. All of my courses are built on authentic case studies, using real data to show how Excel functions are used today in business. I can help you prepare for interviews, and excel in your first job as a business analyst.

I have two degrees from Stanford University, one in English with Honors in Humanities, and a graduate degree in Statistics (now called data science). I explain technical concepts in non-technical terms.

You can see more detail on my linked in page. Send me a connection request!

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