Excel Training (Indirect, count & sum family)- Series 3

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Course Description

  • This series-3 you should watch if you are good with V-lookup ,Match and other basic formulas of excel.
  • This tutorial will take you to new level as we are discussing so many advance excel functions .As always, not just basic functions but their combinations as well - how it works in real excel life. You will then see some mini exercises as well that are sufficient to make you crazy about excel.
  • Introduction to Indirect Function, use of indirect in real life.
  • Introduction to Address function. What happens when indirect and address functions come together.
  • What is a name manager.How to create name managers. Their use with Indirect function
  • Learn how to make simple drop downs and dynamic powerful drop downs using indirect and name managers
  • Discussing about Count and sum family functions - Count,Counta,Count-blank,Count-if,Count-ifs ,Sum,Sum-if,Sum-ifs
  • Combination of these functions with each other by solving the real excel problems
  • Use of wild characters in Count Sum functions - use of * and ? . Unbelievable magic happens
  • Assignments are added to support you and help you in monitoring the progress. Write me back if you will have questions. I will love to help you.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to learn dynamic functions like INDIRECT data validation Count Sum family functions with the live exposure of working on excel.