Excel Training(Index Error-handlers &TEXT Functions)Series 2

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Course Description

  • Take a deep dive into learning most used and versatile functions in excel like IFERROR, ISERROR, MID LEFT RIGHT INDEX MATCH.
  • Not only know them individually but do see their combinations with one another, i am discussing real projects also so that you can get the real feel about their use practically.
  • Classwork files with couple of amazing assignments are available for you. These are mostly adance level questions to give you a great boost in excel
  • if you have not seen SERIES-1 where we studied VLOOKUP , MATCH and TRIM functions please do so. If you know these functions and their combinations then you may ignore it.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will be able to learn index, match, mid, left, right ,find , search functions,
  2. Advantages of using index over Vlookup function
  3. Index with Match - Why and how it can be done
  4. Basic INDEX using cell referencing and dynamic super advance index using two MATCH functions
  5. Extract the cell values from any position using MID,LEFT,RIGHT Functions
  6. Which is better option . Find or Search function. Explained in detail
  7. How to use these functions together and make a complex formula .
  8. Use of Find in Find and making it super advance function.
  9. Assignments(Super Advance) and Classwork files for you
  10. Online support 24*7 to answer your questions