Excel VBA Connecting Outlook Application Series-12

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Course Description

  • We are learning how to connect Outlook with Excel VBA.

  • Early binding approach and Late Binding Approaches. Advantage/Disadvantages

  • Sending auto emails, Customizing the email subject lines, body , signatures , to , cc, bcc ,attachements

  • copying or moving folders in outlook

  • copying or moving emails from one folder to another

  • How to extract the files from outlook emails and save them on your machine.

  • How to work with default folders, own created folders/subfolders

  • how to use file dialogs in emails giving choice to select whichever folder user want to choose.

  • how to send data as a snapshot in outlook body

  • there are so many things - anything which you think is a part of outlook application and you would like to automate it - can be done.

  • Multiple projects for you coming from students directly

  • For eg. how to set up meeting calendars

  • how to reply to clients with some unique request number

  • how to extract the mobile number and other information from body of outlook and export it all in excel cells,

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will be able to fully automate Outlook tasks using excel vba and also will get the knowledge how we connect the external applications using excel vba.
  2. Also, through this outlook connection we are going to learn early and late binding methods which are going to be used in connecting other applications as well the same way.
  3. There are multiple real projects discussed in this series for you. Questions came from students are answered here. Certainly, a series which will save your lot of time and efforts when it comes to doing automation in outlook.