Exchange Rate Arithmetic (With Intro to Derivatives)

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Course Description

This course is primarily intended as an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of Exchange Rate Arithmetic for anyone interested in how the exchange rates work and other intricacies involved with Exchange Rates.

This course is ideal for the students taking various examinations of the Institute of Bankers.
With many case studies included in this course which will prove useful to many who are actually engaged in this interesting branch of International Banking.

If you are new to this field then this course is a perfect starting point.

The course is taught in simplest language with example given at each and every point.

Topics Covered in this course-

  • What is Foreign Exchange?

  • Different FOREX participants.

  • Currency Pairs.

  • Appreciation and Depreciation of currency.

  • Types of FOREX transactions.

  • Direct/ Indirect Quote.

  • Bid/ Ask Rate.

  • Two Way Quotation Method.

  • Cross Currency rate mechanism.

  • Discounts and Premiums.

  • Factors determining Exchange rates.

  • Various Foreign Currency accounts.

  • What are Derivatives?

  • Types of Derivatives- Forward Contracts, Futures, Options, Currency Swaps.

  • Case Studies on Exchange Rate Arithmetic, Futures, Options.

Expected Outcomes

  1. What is Foreign Exchange?
  2. Different FOREX participants
  3. Currency Pairs
  4. Appreciation and Depreciation of currency
  5. Types of FOREX transactions
  6. Direct/ Indirect Quote
  7. Bid/ Ask Rate
  8. Two Way Quotation Method
  9. Cross Currency rate mechanism
  10. Discounts and Premiums
  11. Factors determining Exchange rates
  12. Various Foreign Currency accounts
  13. What are Derivatives?
  14. Types of Derivatives- Forward Contracts, Futures, Options, Currency Swaps
  15. Case Studies on Exchange Rate Arithmetic, Futures, Options