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There are a lot of people who have experienced discrimination on the basis of gender, nationality, race, or religious believes. Many minority groups continue to be discriminated against in modern society due to prejudice and fear. Decent people reject hostile behavior and discrimination but fail to analyze preconceived ideas that cause fear. If we can analyze our own misconceptions we can reduce bias and create a pluralistic society. 

In order to create a peaceful society, we need to focus on our interpersonal skills, address hidden prejudice that leads to hostile behavior. Those who suffer the consequences of ill behavior experience, depression, anxiety, discrimination and it undermines their psychological-wellbeing.

In this short course, we can explore together what is Islam, who are Muslims, and what are some of the misconceptions.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Cultural and Ethnic Diversity in Islam
  2. Islam cross culturally
  3. Myth and misconceptions surrounding Islam
  4. Nature of violence