Fight Conformity & Claim Moral Autonomy through Philosophy

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Course Description

Moral judgments are integral to our everyday lives and sense of self. Mostly these are unthinkingly inherited from social life. This course aims to bring the underlying assumptions, implications and forms of reasoning to your conscious awareness. As a result you will become better negotiators of justice, autonomous in your decisions, confident in your discourses with others and understanding of others' moral attitudes.

This course aims to make you aware of the most prominent moral perspectives which have not only received scholarly attention but which also reflect some of the assumptions most people have come to unwittingly acquire.

For each philosophical perspective there is one chapter that offers an exegesis of the theory and a second chapter that presents arguments in favour & against. Apart from these lectures each section includes a short video presentation addressing fundamental points.

Skype office hours are welcomed, indeed, encouraged to address questions and further discussion.

No prior knowledge of philosophy or ethical reasoning is required.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Recognise different ethical perspectives in themselves and others; competent to identify assumptions and implications in moral discourse; thoughtfully judge the merit of moral standards.
  2. Develop skills of reasoning.
  3. Learn to recognize different types of ethical discourse.
  4. Cultivate sensitivity to your conceptual framework, its strengths and limitations.
  5. Acquired skills are used in everyday life, in work relations, and formal studies.