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This video course discusses the use of the FileMaker Platform… to create a resellable vertical app… or for building internal support systems for your business. The course was created by the award winning team at RC Consulting and 25 year veteran, Richard Carlton.

Learn about decision making needed to determine if FileMaker is right for you and your business / Startup. Before launching into a project, you need to understand:

  • Planning and Documenting your ideas.
  • Understanding how FileMaker can be deployed to customers and users.
  • Understanding budgeting for development, and sustained marketing.
  • Bug Fixing and budgeting
  • Understanding the value of doing the work yourself or getting some outside assistance
  • How to Hire and communicate with a consultant.
  • Different methods for structuring a contract… fixed cost quotes, etc.
  • And We’ll build… in less than one hour… a shared mobile solution…the works great on Desktop computers and iPhone, iPads and Android devices.
For maximum awesomeness… this course will reference a number of third party products, a couple of books, etc. I make NO money in these references. During this course, we will also reference the use of FM Starting Point… to use as a free software… to anchor the development of your internal systems. You will be required to input your personal information to get this free software.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learning the deciding factors for using FIleMaker for a vertical market app
  2. Learning about creating Wire Frames
  3. Learning About Budgeting
  4. Learning to Budget Bug Fixing During Development
  5. Learn the Deployment Options for FileMaker Apps
  6. Learn about Marketing Considerations and SEO Weasles
  7. Learn to evaluate your over all plan and needed budget
  8. Learn about Development Methodologies
  9. Learn how to evaluate and work with a Consultant… if desired
  10. Learn if FileMaker is right for you