Find a Job Using Twitter: Access Hidden Job Market

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Course Description

According to Jobvite's 2013 Social Recruiting Survey, 94% of recruiters use or plan to use social media to hire, and 49% of them assert that they've found better-quality candidates via social recruiting.

While Twitter is getting incredibly popular among employers and recruiters, it's largely under-utilized by job seekers. That's your unique chance to get noticed and stand out. Not many unemployed people get Twitter and can use the tool effectively but you will,... with help of this course created by me, Ann Smarty.

After years of utilizing Twitter for career growth and personal branding, I've decided to put together this course teaching others how to:

  • Monitor job opportunities on Twitter
  • Discover hidden (unannounced) career growth opportunities on Twitter
  • Build your personal memorable brand on Twitter to stand out and attract recruiters
  • Create job opportunities for yourself
  • Get ready for job interviews
  • Build business relationships with future employers and co-workers
  • Build confidence and expertise in your industry
  • Manage your reputation to make sure your future employer or interviewer are impressed with your online presence

You'll learn to use Twitter tools, understand how to use Twitter search for research and monitoring and realize how to be the first to seek the newest career opportunity that comes your way.

You'll get much more comfortable with your career growth after taking this actionable course filled with practical advice and free downloads. Good luck!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Use Twitter to find hidden (unannounced) career opportunities
  2. Use Twitter search to find more job opportunities
  3. Use Twitter tools to monitor job opportunities and build connections
  4. Participate in job-related Tweet chats to become an authority
  5. Use hashtags to monitor job opportunites and connect to company employees