First Aid Training for Home Educating your Children

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Course Description

The STAR AWARD aims to teach important life saving skills and encourage children to join in. During the course we will cover how to deal with an Emergency, CPR and the use of an AED , Bleeding , Fractures , Recovery Position, Choking and Burns. Each video is equal to 1 star. When all 5 videos have been watched and students have partaken in them they can download the superstar mini first certificate.

​The course is designed to be very user friendly. Each lesson has a 15-20 minute video which is accessed through the powerpoint link. The videos are very informatative and suitable for KS1-KS2 Children. We encourage the students to follow and copy what we do in the video, either at the same time or when the video has ended. The star award course also comes with an activity pack that can be downloaded and completed.

Star 1 - Bleeding and Fractures

Star 2 - Planning for an emergency and CPR

Star 3 - Choking and the use of AED

Star 4 - The unconscious casualty

Star 5 - Burns and Electrocution

Expected Outcomes

  1. Life saving first aid skills - knowing what to do in a emergency
  2. Treatment of a unconscious casualty
  3. Treatment of a Choking Casualty
  4. Treatment of a Casualty who is bleeding and burnt