First Fired Last Hired - List 21

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Course Description

One moment you are sitting at your desk getting your work done, and the next you are packing up your stuff and leaving the office—you’ve just been fired.

You’ve been on three interviews the past two weeks but you are never selected for the job. You’re not hired, again.

What’s going on?

You have been at your job for quite some time, but you are passed over for promotions and raises. Is that fair? Why do they choose someone else other than you?

This course gives you answers to why you are first fired and last hired. Employers, Hiring Committees, and bosses, all have secret cues as to why they let you go or why they won’t hire you in the first place. These cues aren’t written down, but they are the reason. They don’t write them down because they don’t want to be sued, but it is why you don’t work for them.

This course exposes 21 reasons why you are first fired and last hired, and gives you tips, tactics, and tools for you to employ in order to be such a great employee that they will want to keep you around.

This information comes from the employers, Hiring Committees, and bosses themselves. Since 1993, we have been volunteering at job transition programs and have helped thousands of people just like you make a successful job transition. Along the way, we have had many employers, Hiring Committee members, and bosses come and share their secret cues in our workshops.

This course will share these cues with you.

After you successfully take this course you will understand what these cues are and use them to impress employers, Hiring Committee members, and bosses so that they want to hire you and keep you working with them.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn the underlining, inside reasons why you are not hired for the jobs that you want.
  2. You will learn the secret reasons why you are among those fired first, even when there are no company-wide layoffs.
  3. You will learn why you are denied requests for promotions and raises that you desire and ask for.
  4. You will learn what employers, hiring committees, and bosses are actually saying about you that causes you to be first fired and last hired.
  5. You will learn how to cure the problems that employers, hiring committees, and bosses say cause many people to become first fired or last hired.