Fix Your Finances: Four Ways to Change Spending Behavior

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Course Description

Want to fix your financial life? Of course, you do. No one wants a broken money life, yet a lot of us stay stuck in one place for way too long because we are lacking one major skill... action. Yep, ACTION is a learned financial skill. Through this 40-minute course, you and I will work together to create an action plan to fix your financial life. We'll focus on spending. Spending is what causes debt, it's what causes cash flow problems, and it's what prevents you from preparing for the future. When you fix your poor spending habits the rest of your financial life will come together. In this course, you'll learn how to cut spending and save money, create a plan for paying off debt, and understand the value of knowing your net worth. Are you ready? Let's get started!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Create and maintain a monthly household budget
  2. Execute a plan to pay off all debt
  3. Save money consistently
  4. Isolate and eliminate poor spending habits