Football Manager: become a Master Manager

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Course Description

(Updated for FM21!)

This is the course for (potential) players of Football Manager, the famous and one and only game where you have absolute power over your favorite football club! The course, created by a very experienced and successful manager, shows you the way from buying and installing the game (get the cheapest Steam code for your area!), to setting it up, to becoming a very successful player of the game.

What do you get?
The course contains over 4 hours of video material, divided into 36 short videos. You can skip anything you don't want to watch. Or re-watch videos. There are a few quizzes you can take (never mandatory) to sharpen/test your knowledge after watching a video. And, last but not least, you'll get 5 very valuable and unique guides (downloadable in PDF) about staff, player personalities, player traits, tactics, and match shouts!

Do you still have questions or need some help after you've finished the course? No problem - just reach out and I'll answer all of your questions personally. So: that is a lot of value! Check out all the video titles below to see what we will discuss.

Is this the course for you?
The game is great but extremely comprehensive; there is a lot you have to know and do, to become a moderately successful manager. This course provides you with the tools to become more than that. You can become a great manager: a Master Manager! It is created for people who have never played the game but want to kick start their FM career. It's also a great course for people who struggled to understand the game and couldn't become a successful manager, for whatever reason. Even if you're a fairly experienced player: there are a lot of tips and tricks you can take from this course for sure. You will only see screencast videos of the game; so it's also a fun way of learning.

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Update for FM21 players
The course is based on FM20 but it is just as useful for players of earlier editions. The course has been updated to suit FM21 players now as well!
I will update the course again for FM22 (maybe even FM23 and further). So, no matter when you purchase or use this course, you'll be up to date.

Players of FM21 can just follow the course. Under videos 8 (Hiring and Firing staff), 13 (Player Traits), 17 (Finding players), and 18 (Scouting assignments), you'll find short notes on that topic - referring to new features and things to take into account.

In general: please note that in FM21 the way you talk to people (individually or in press conferences) has been changed. Instead of selecting things like 'calm' or 'assertive', you're able to put an arm around a player or look at attending journalists with a 'warm smile'. You can hover on your options to learn more about what you are actually doing. I found that common sense goes a long way. Think about what you want to achieve and act appropriately.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Buying, installing and setting up the game. Saving money and have the best look & feel!
  2. Everything you need to know to become a Master at Football Manager (FM20, FM21 or other version), without cheating!