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If you have ever tried to study the muscles and found the information to be dry and tedious with little connection to what happens on the yoga mat- then you need this course! The study of muscle FUNCTION will transform the way that you understand movement and the way that you structure your yoga classes. The information in this course will make studying the muscles an interesting and engaging process.

This is the 2nd in a series of 3 courses that contain the Comprehensive Anatomy module that I teach in 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.

This Course is also eligible for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits through the YACEP dashboard.


Upon Completion of this course you will be able to answer the following Questions:

What is a Yoga Teacher’s Scope of Practice?

What are the Connective Tissues of the Body?

What is Fascia?

What are the 3 types of muscles found in the Body?

What are muscles Made of?

How do muscles get Stronger?

What are the 5 Forms of Stretching?

What are the 3 types of Muscle Contraction?

What are the different forms of Range of Motion at the Joints?

How does Gravity impact Movement?

How do Muscles work together in groups?

Is tension in the body always a bad thing?

What is functional Movement?

What are the “Missing Pieces” of yoga practice?

How can I best support my students Motor Learning?

How does the study of Muscle Physiology prepare me to learn the names of the muscles?


Each topic is explored through an educational lecture that incorporates slides and video. The concepts that were covered in the lecture are then demonstrated in a practice video where you can follow along to feel these concepts in your own body.

One of the greatest benefits of studying Anatomy online is that you can go back and review the topics as many times as you like. This really helps to absorb the information and to become comfortable with this new language.

    I created this course because I love teaching Yoga + Anatomy and I want other yoga teachers to have a solid understanding of the body that guides the way they teach.  When we feel confident in our knowledge that shines through to our students!

I hope you will join me on this journey to creating a generation of confident, well educated & effective Yoga Teachers!

Expected Outcomes

  1. In this section you will learn about the physiology of soft tissue and muscle