Freedom From Depression Using Yoga & Hypnotherapy.

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Course Description

On the inside you feel like you are not quite good enough. You're exhausted from doubting yourself and the impact this is having on your relationships, your career and other aspects of your life. You feel depressed.

You may feel sexually shut down or overwhelmed. You may be feeling closed off from your heart or struggle with money issues, lack of confidence or losing weight. You may find it difficult to speak in public, or have fear come up in meetings or in social situations. You may even have forgotten the joy and pleasure of feeling your sensual flow... and you want to be free of this once and for all.

Let me help you...

I understand how you feel because I had debilitating low self-esteem & depression for years. It affected many areas of my life including my relationships and my career.

As an expert in treating depression, I have been honoured to help 1000s of people like you to feel confident, secure and radiant. I have learnt so much on my journey with depression and in my work as a Therapist and Yoga Teacher and I am sharing all of this in this program.

I am so grateful you're here. My own personal and professional journey as a Yoga Teacher & Therapist has taught me so much about overcoming low self-esteem and sparked a passion to help people like you by providing a holistic approach to help you to heal and love yourself and your life.

I designed this program to help you to develop amazing self-esteem so that you thrive in love, in your career, in your business or as a mother. I know how hard it is to do this on your own.

When we are nourished, resourced, supported, and filled-up we have so much more to give. We feel great about who we are self-esteem comes more effortlessly, and so does abundance, love and joy.

This is what I call grounded self-esteem

I invite you to join us on this program. It is not about adding another thing to your already relentless to-do list. Not another obligation to fulfil. Not another responsibility demanding your time, your best performance or your perfect offering.

"Thank you Teagan for creating such a beautiful space for us all. Space to connect, a space to learn, a space to understand how the mind affects our nature. Thank you for being a Goddess embodied, one who has given me the tools, inspiration and trust in my ability to connect more with my real self. Your presence and wisdom is profound." A-M, Dawson AUS

"Teagan, you create such a safe and open and nurturing environment for us to open up to our deepest selves. Every experience has furthered my self knowledge and brought more meaning into my life. It has helped me find new ways to love and transform my life. Thank you! RB Melbourne"

About The Program

This program is a rich combination of education and daily practice. Through self-reflection, understanding, and daily practice you will heal your subconscious mind so that you have great self esteem.

Daily practice is a vital component in healing depression. YOGA, MEDITATION, MINDFULNESS & HYPNOTHERAPY are the cornerstones of this program because they are the most powerful tools that rewires negative beliefs.

If this all sounds like a lot of daily practice, it isn’t. To get the most out of the program you will need to practice for at least 30-40 minutes each day. This can be broken up throughout the day.

Come join us!

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to manage depression using holistic tools and techniques
  2. Learn how to increase your feelings of high self-esteem.
  3. Understand why your mind is making you feel down and learn how to change it to feel positive, relaxed and at peace.
  4. Understand why your brain has become biologically wired to support your lack of sense of self and how you can rewire it to support positive thoughts and feelings.
  5. Learn about your common thinking errors and how to change them.
  6. Learn powerful tools and practices that generate positive thinking & feeling pathways in the brain.
  7. Access a guided relaxation that teaches you how to naturally release tension and stress in the body, without the use of drugs.
  8. Learn easy techniques that harmonise your feelings and change your perspective about yourself. You will be able to finally love who you are!
  9. Gain the power to say goodbye to your ‘inner critic’
  10. Enjoy gentle daily yoga and meditation practices that will help you transform your experience of low self-esteem.
  11. Be guided on how to connect with your inner peaceful essence.
  12. Learn techniques that focus on you developing love for yourself.