Freelancing: Learn How to Make Money Online During the COVID

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Course Description

Welcome to this course: Freelancing: Learn How to Make Money Online During the COVID-19.

You have the skills. You have the desire. You have the persistence, work ethic, and belief in yourself required to start your own business and become a successful freelancer.

But what you don't have is experience running your own successful business -- so why not learn from people that do?

Today, you can start to make good money, easily, as a freelancer (without quitting your job), with no outlay whatsoever – and with ZERO prior experience!

Your initial goal is an easy $2,000 every month.

For most people, owning a freelancing business means working as a self-employed person doing specific pieces of work for various employers. It presents an attractive alternative to being an employee, allowing for independence and a sense of control. Heck, the word itself implies a sense of freedom.

Keep in mind, however, that freelancing combines the best and worst of the world of being a business owner and an employee. How so? If you’re freelancing, you own your business, and you’re an independent contractor, controlling your hours and the kind of work you choose to take on. On the other hand, you are in effect employed by the person who hired you and must comply with their demands and time schedules. You also pay a price for the freedom of freelancing because you are responsible for your own health and disability insurance, other benefits, employment taxes, and new projects—instead of having these things handed to you like an employee.

Despite the challenges unique to the freelancing business, it’s a field that holds endless opportunities to do something you enjoy in the manner that you enjoy doing it. These tradeoffs are worth the risks to many people. But despite the casualness of the word, freelancing is like any other business in that certain steps should be followed in order to find the path to success.

So, What are you waiting for, let's get started!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn About Freedom To Choose Clients And Projects
  2. Learn About Immense Flexibility Of Location
  3. Learn About An Opportunity To Earn More
  4. Learn About Multi-Faceted Exposure
  5. Become A Better Human Being
  6. Make an Extra $2,000/Month