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This course is the Part 2 of my course “Use Past Tenses in French like a Native”. It starts where the Part 1 ends. To get a better understanding of the topic, start with the Part 1 so that you can progress gradually without missing any important detail. Then proceed with the Part 2.


The course explains how to use 2 most common past tenses in French language and makes you talk about any of your past experiences.

By the end of the course, in about 2 hours (the time you need to complete Part 1 and Part 2) you will feel confident talking about any of your past experiences in all kind of situations, from sharing memories with your  friends to answering questions about your professional and academic background at a job interview.

The Part 1 covers the basics of the French language past tenses and includes a lot of practice to make your choice between Imparfait and Passé composé easy and natural.

The Part 2 includes

  • most common prepositions used with Passé composé and Imparfait (depuis, il y a, pendant, en)

  • a how-to guide for modal verbs: j’ai dû/je devais, j’ai voulu/je voulais, etc.

  • a how-to guide for verbs of perception: j’aimais/ j’ai aimé, je savais/j’ai su, etc.

  • a how-to guide for verbs avoir/être: j’avais/ j’ai eu, etc.

  • difficult cases when both tenses are possible

  • quizzes and assignments to check your progress with provided answers and comments


100% of language practice

This class itself is a training for all essential language skills

  • listening – the course is entirely in French

  • reading – all videos are captioned in French and include reading activities

  • speaking – the course is given in an easy speaking French and uses everyday life vocabulary that is why it is accessible to beginners (A1-A2)

  • typing – with quizzes and assignments you just don’t have choice: you will start using the French keyboard! ?‍???

This course is for you if

  • you are starting using past tenses  (A1-A2 level in French)

  • you have an intermediate level in French Language but you are still confused about the choice between “j’ai parlé” and “je parlais”

  • you never know which preposition to choose between depuis, pendant or il y a and what tense goes after

  • you are a beginner French language teacher and you need tips for your grammar classes


The Part 2 consists in 24 video classes with detailed explanations, simple examples, 10 quizzes with provided answers and 2 assignments to practice what you have learnt.

Progress guarantee

My online French language courses are a product of 20 years experience of successful work with adults students all over the world, in classroom and online.

It combines all the best techniques and activities of offline and online teaching.

You are guided from theory to practice, from one activity to another, you just can not not to progress.

Coming features

  • English captions

  • Russian captions

  • Mandarin captions

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will use the 2 essential 2 past tenses in French with confidence
  2. You will be able to build up a logical and interesting story including facts and descriptions
  3. You will improve your listening skills in French because the course is is entirely in French.
  4. No matter what past tenses exist in your mother tongue, you will understand the French language logic
  5. You will understand the difference between prepositions depuis, pendant, il y a, en
  6. You will no longer make mistakes chosing between j’étais & j’ai été, j’ai eu & j’avais, etc.
  7. You will learn how to use j’ai dû & je devais, j’ai voulu & je voulais and other modal verbs